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MAC EVENTS - Women's Expos

Treat yourself to the best local shopping, fashion, entertainment, food, travel, cosmetics and more at our Women's Expos.

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MAC EVENTS - Flower Shows

Premier Flower Shows. Highlighting flowers, gardens, landscape design, garden accessories, outdoor lighting and more!

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Why Exhibit?

Exhibiting at a MAC Events show is a proven way to spend quality time with the people you most want to meet - your customers.

MAC Events has developed a time-tested formula for promoting each of our shows. We attract an interested consumer in a mid- to high-income range. These are the people our exhibitors want to meet and spend time with. Product benefits, cost savings, new techniques and services can all be presented at one of our carefully chosen booths.

Showcasing your products and services in a friendly, relaxing environment is a win-win scenario. What would it mean to your marketing plan if your customer could actually touch and see your products, or meet the salesperson with whom they would be spending their money? The opportunities are endless for you to grow your business at a professionally managed MAC Events show!

An Offensive Strategy

Every year, over 1500 large and small businesses decide to take advantage of the unique opportunity a MAC Event offers and exhibits at one or more of our shows.

By coming into contact with thousands of consumers, our exhibitors are reaching out to the most sought after audience of all marketers - consumers, who, in effect, are saying; "Yes, show us your products and services. WE ARE INTERESTED!"

To Increase Your Consumer Base...

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